How to be in your new home for Christmas

If you’re planning to move house before Christmas then you better move fast as the clock is ticking…

Forget making a start on Christmas shopping or choosing the colour scheme for your tree, if you’d like to stand the best chance of being settled in a new home for Christmas, then now is the time to pull your socks up and follow these steps to help the process move along as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Review your finances

Your top priority should be to review your finances and get everything in order. Take into account the price of the new property, plus all the utility bills, insurances and food. This will give you an accurate overall cost for your new property.

Spruce it up

First impressions are everything so it’s time to make your house look its best. Mow the lawns and weed the garden. Give any rooms that need brightening up a fresh lick of paint and get rid of anything you no longer use. Decluttering the house will create more space and help rooms seem larger and more spacious to prospective buyers.   Look out for out top tips for decluttering – coming soon!

Think about where to advertise

The majority of all property searches are now made online. With this in mind, consider your estate agent carefully. Going with an agent who advertise properties on websites like Rightmove will increase its visibility to potential buyers and could help you find a buyer quicker.

Set the price right

Don’t just put your house up with the estate agent who prices it the highest, as this might not be a true reflection of its worth. Make sure you set some time aside to do your own research. Look at how much other properties of the same size are going for in the area. This will be a good indicator to judge the estate agent’s valuation by.

Get to know your buyer

Find out a little bit about your buyer. Are they part of a chain or are they first time buyers? Do they have a mortgage in principle confirming the lender will borrow them the money, or are they cash buyers? This will help you determine how attractive your potential buyers are, as a first time buyer who can move fast could be a wiser option than someone stuck in a chain.

Get all documentation in order

If you need to apply for a new mortgage, or even if you have to reapply for your existing mortgage, you’ll need to have your documentation ready to show your mortgage adviser. This includes checking your credit score and the last three months of bank statements and pay slips.

Keep in touch with your solicitor

Solicitors are notorious for being slow and virtually impossible to get in touch with when you need them. In light of this, it’s best to go with one who comes recommended to you and it’s important to ask the right questions upfront, i.e. can you work within my time limits? This way, you’re setting expectations from the offset.

Completion date

Be honest with your buyers and tell them when you want to complete by, so you are all working from the same page and can hopefully exchange keys around your chosen time.

So you better start planning where your Christmas tree can go, and fingers crossed you’ll be settled in just in time to enjoy the comforts of your new home over the festive season!

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