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It's not always about life insurance....

I'd like to share a short story with you.

I'm linking to a video where the story is explained far better than I could. It's often said that people don't consider the importance of insurance until they see the affect it can have on a family.

I often hear, "It's unlikely to happen to me", or "my family have all lived into their 90's" and of course "I don't believe in insurance, they always find a way to avoid paying out".

Newsflash - no-one expects to die or be diagnosed with cancer. Do you live the same lifestyle as your grandparents? I'm sure they didn't spend their weekends eating junk food from takeaways. And as for insurance companies not paying out. It's a contract. If your claim is covered by the policy, they LOVE to pay out - it makes them look good!

Income Protection can be a very valuable product for people working in manual industries - unfortunately the nature of the job also means insurance can often be difficult - or impossible to obtain. Catch 22 - the more dangerous the job, the more the need for insurance, but the harder it is to find.

There is however a solution.

Anyway, this story is about a local lad, and as it goes he is was one of my son's friends a primary school. Run VT.....


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