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Make a will today and protect the people, assets and causes you love.


Here at Alexander Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to the people who need us. From the moment you reach out to us, we’re there to help you find your feet.


That’s why we’ve partnered with Beyond, the online will experts. As a gift from us, you and your partner can now receive 10% off when you make a legally binding will online. Just use the offer code below.


Offer Code: ALEX10

Single will: £81 (£90)

Two wills for a couple: £121.50 (£135)




Why choose Beyond?

  • Trusted by 1,000s of happy customers

  • Takes as little as 15 minutes

  • Unlimited updates to your will, any time

  • Every will checked by experts

  • Free national will registration worth £30

  • Free physical storage


Things you can do with your will

  • Decide how your estate will be distributed

  • Name guardians for your children

  • Protect your partner

  • Avoid a hefty inheritance tax bill

  • Prevent family battles over your legacy

  • Leave thoughtful gifts for friends or to charity


It takes just 15 minutes to make a legally binding will on Beyond. Each will is checked by experts, so you can have lasting peace of mind. And if something changes, you can just log in and tweak your will anytime.

It’s that simple — so why not give it a go?

[Write your will today!]

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